Pearl E. Grimes, MD
Global Vitiligo Symposium, November 2018

For many years, the standard instructions for vitiligo patients were to use sunscreen with a high SPF during the whole year, especially during summer.

It has been said that some food supplements, or a special diet may reduce the symptoms of vitiligo or even reverse it.

There’s a chance that your child, due to vitiligo, has low self-esteem. Moreover, bullying may make him/her think the worst.

The 2018 Vitiligo International Symposium , which took place November 9-10 in Detroit, Michigan, brought together an international community of dermatologists, scientists, pharmaceutical representa

In the recently held Vitiligo International Symposium, in Detroit (U.S.A.) halo nevi were mentioned (Sutton’s nevi), which are common in vitiligo patients.

According to a study that was presented at the recent Vitiligo International Symposium in Detroit, USA - where we had the pleasure of attending - the dominant views that vitiligo patients must avoi

Dr. Nada Elbuluk,
University of South California, Keck School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, Los Angeles, CA, USA