Why you should visit our center?

  • Because our area of expertise is vitiligo.
  • Because we ensure improvement on all parts of the body, for all types of vitiligo, with no side-effects, irrespective of sex and age (after the age of 2).
  • Because with our treatment method, we achieve up to 70% repigmentation in the first two months.
  • Because the time we dedicate to the first examination, about an hour and a half, allows us to record thoroughly the patient’s case history in order to understand the progress of her/his condition, which is always distinct, so that we can provide comprehensive information as to how s/he should deal with her/his condition.
  • Because, with systematic digital imaging in a special chamber with special lighting, the patient realizes the complete extent of her/his vitiligo, which cannot often be detected with the naked eye.
  • Because we achieve spectacular repigmentation results within the first two months, without the use of laser or phototherapy, simply by administering topical medication at home.
  • Because for 85% of our patients, the repigmented areas only suffer a 0-10% pigment loss after a year.
  • Because the psychodermatological approach towards the patient by our center’s experienced team, the evaluation of the patient’s quality of life, the detection of the psychological distress which probably caused the onset of vitiligo and the body-mind effect that differentiation has on the patient’s psychology help us  develop a complete picture of her/his condition. This, in combination with Dr. Tsogkas’ personalized topical formula, helps deal with vitiligo in a most effective and safe manner.