For many years, the standard instructions for vitiligo patients were to use sunscreen with a high SPF during the whole year, especially during summer.

Recently, dermatologists who specialise in vitiligo and participated in the 2018 Vitiligo International Symposium in Detroit, U.S.A., announced that there are many false beliefs regarding the sun exposure of vitiligo patients.

That is, that vitiligo patients must not always apply sunscreen with a very high SPF on the vitiligo lesions during summer and avoid sunbathing at all costs. This contradicts the fact that NB UVB phototherapy is considered to be the “golden standard” by many, for treating vitiligo.

The researchers believe, that extreme photo-protection in vitiligo patients is the wrong approach. Instead, they support the idea that controlled and gradual sun exposure may be beneficial to them, even when they are temporarily taking a break from phototherapy.

Finally, they concluded that the instructions for the proper use of sunscreens and the choice of SPF for vitiligo patients are inaccurate. This new approach lead to a modification of the habits of using sunscreen, as well as sun exposure and sun bathing.