It has been said that some food supplements, or a special diet may reduce the symptoms of vitiligo or even reverse it. We concluded that there is no solid scientific evidence to support this theory. A diet rich in antioxidants may help in treating vitiligo by attacking free radicals, which definitely contributes to its expansion - so indirectly, a diet such as this mostly helps.

It is therefore important for the vitiligo patients to be sure that they have a balanced diet, rich in antioxidants.

It is known that vitamin deficiency in patients with autoimmune diseases like vitiligo, applies to folic acid, Vitamin B12, copper, zinc and vitamin D. However, vitiligo is NOT caused by vitamin deficiencies, therefore it cannot be treated only by vitamin intake.

In contrast to many reports, a gluten-free diet has nothing to do with vitiligo and on the other hand it is not very healthy.

Finally, when treating vitiligo, supplements like Gingko Biloba & Polipodium Leukotomas, Cucumis melo and others may be used, but they cannot be considered the only treatment for vitiligo.