There is no cure for vitiligo, but there are a few effective alternative treatments that your doctor can recommend.The objectives of the treatments are:

  • to stop the expansion of vitiligo
  • to achieve fast repigmentation in most of the lesions
  • to maintain the repigmentation in high rates.

If treated with a combination of treatments, such as topical preparations, phototherapy, psychological support, etc., it is possible to substantially improve vitiligo lesions in 70% of all vitiligo cases. The best results are achieved when vitiligo has affected the face and torso, or it has appeared recently.

Vitiligo patients may notice that sometimes the white patches stop progressing without treatment (stabilisation). Lastly, the patches may repigment on their own (automatic repigmentation), however, this is scarce and it usually doesn’t happen to all the lesions. Bear in mind that people and circumstances vary, therefore a treatment that might prove to work for someone, might not work for another. No vitiligo therapy could be 100% effective in eliminating all the lesions completely, in short periods of time.