Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to predict the expansion of vitiligo patches. Usually, the disorder is pre-existing and as time passes it also expands on other parts of the body. For a small percentage, the patches remain steady for decades. Finally, for some people the expansion is rapid, causing an immediate impact to the patient’s psychology and social life.

Expansion might be assisted by several factors identified as the triggers of vitiligo, such as:

  • Skin injuries: Cuts and bruises, or significant injuries from accidents, chemical burns, sunburns (Koebner phenomenon- isomorphic response).
  • Intense stress: Destressing or stressful events in daily life (deaths, disappointment, loss).
  • Hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy, menopause, puberty.
  • Cytotoxic or chemical accidents (e.g. monobenzone)