How do vitiligo patients feel when they realize that the uniform color of their skin is suddenly interrupted by some white spots?  All of a sudden then, something very special for each one of us is altered: our looks.


All loss causes grief, let alone when it is connected to the self changing image of the patient in front of her/his eyes and the eyes of others.


Most times, family and friends try to support the patient, but they are not sure how to do it.

One of the ramifications of vitiligo is that appearance constantly changes. The sufferer has to live with the fear of exacerbation, especially when the progress of the condition is rapid and requires immediate adjustment. They try to understand if their loved ones accept them, but even they have a hard time accepting themselves.

On top of grief and fear, quite a few patients are overwhelmed by immense anger. Why did this happen to me? Did I do something wrong? This isn’t fair…etc.

These are the thoughts which torture them daily. Anger is an emotion that’s hard to deal with. Some don’t control themselves; as a result, they turn their anger to themselves, which is disastrous because it alienates them from their family and friends who most times wish to support them.

The standpoint of doctors who consider vitiligo to be incurable, as well as the treatments they tried from time to time with no result make them despair even more and leave themselves helpless.

It’s time then to debunk the opinion that vitiligo is untreatable, so that all its patients will be finally able to free themselves and communicate with the people close to them or ask an expert for help- someone who can help them deal with all those negative emotions which anger them and make them feel isolated.