Our skin mirrors our soul because the skin and the nervous system are formed at the same time during foetal life. Hence, in vitiligo, we see (a) the effect of the soul in its progression, (b) the improvement of our mental status when our clinical picture is improved.

The change which occurs in our appearance, as a result of vitiligo, causes significant aesthetic problems, which often have severe psychosomatic implications that affect immensely our quality of life, our behaviour, our well-being along with our family and sex life.

Vitiligo patients often find themselves in a bad spot and their doctors are not always understanding or empathetic. Therefore, these patients are disappointed in the behaviour of their doctors, the brief physical examination and their negligence regarding the psychological aspect of their disease. This is where Vitiligo Center steps in, with an innovative approach to vitiligo, not only examining the patient physically but also embracing the psychological side of the disease and supporting our patients until their quality of life is completely restored.